Could thick green vaginal discharge before my period be a sign of a yeast infection or BV?

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Yeast infections tend to be thick white and clumpy, while bacterial vaginosis tends to be a grey watery discharge with a "fishy" odour.

It would certainly be a good idea to get retested for STDs to be sure that you are not infected.

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Could an itchy rash be a sign of an STD? (photo)

Hi, I can understand your concern about the rash in view of your exposure history. Certainly, some STDs can cause rash/ skin lesions like Syphilis, Herpes and HIV. Typically, secondary syphilis (that means syphilis that has not been treated and the disease progress to 2nd stage) can cause a rash but the rash is usually not itchy and usually appear as small bumps. Herpes usually cause blister-like skin lesions. HIV rash can vary in appearance and there is no specific characteristic rash that can definitely indicate that it is a HIV rash.

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Dr Julian Ng

General Practitioner

How can I prevent recurring yeast infections?

Hi! I suggest to have it fully evaluated by seeing a gyne, and doing some swabs. This is to confirm if it truly is a yeast infection. Quite a number of women mistake normal discharge for yeast infection. It is usual for discharge to be thicker and more opaque before the period. A true clinically significant yeast infection will have a lot of curd-like lumpy white/yellow discharge and a VERY irritated red and sore vagina/vulva. True recurrent yeast infections can be managed with regular suppressive antifungal treatment, probiotics and correction of any underlying predisposing factors.

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Dr Jasmine Mohd


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