Could constant rashes on my limbs and body be due to an allergic reaction? (photo)

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Common causes of recurrent rashes include hives or urticaria. Theses rashes usually appear and lasts for minutes to hours before they resolves.

Urticaria is generally classified as acute or chronic urticaria based on the duration of the rash. If it is less than 6 weeks duration, it is acute urticaria and if is recurrent beyond 6 weeks, it is considered chronic urticaria.

There are many potential triggers of acute urticaria. These can include food, viral infections, and physical factors like temperature changes and pressure.

Urticaria usually responds well to oral antihistamine treatment.

If your rashes have been persistent or recurrent, it may be advisable for you to see your dermatologist or doctor to confirm the diagnosis and advise you further on the treatment and management.

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How do I know if my rashes are caused by an unsuitable body wash?

Hello Wan Thank you for your question. A simple way will be to stop using your current body wash and change to another brand that you used before in the past. If the rash improves and subsides after you change your body wash, then it is the likely culprit. If not, you should follow up with your skin specialist and see if there is a need for further investigations to find the cause of your rash. You can consider using regular moisturisers and mild steroid creams for symptomatic relief in the mean time. Hope this helps!

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Dr Jiwei Wu


What could this red rash and itchiness in my groin be? (photo)

Your rash appears to be allergic or heat rash. However more history and examination will be helpful. If the rash gets worse or fails to resolve after a few days, please seek help from a doctor.

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Dr Kelvin Chua


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