What conditions can cause rashes on the palm and wrist? (photo)

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From the photo, the underlying conditions causing the rash is varied and can range between several reasons. They include:

  • Hand eczema
  • Drug reactions
  • Vasculitis
  • Syphilis

Having said that, it is best that you visit a dermatologist so that he/she may conduct a proper assessment. From there, a good history and proper assessment can be made to determine what is the underlying cause of your rashes.

A skin biopsy may also be required to aid in the diagnosis of the skin condition you might have. This procedure involves a tiny sample of skin to be removed. It will then be sent over to the laboratory for further analysis.

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What should I do for extremely dry skin not responding to moisturisers?

It appears that you are experiencing eczema that is not responding to your moisturiser regime. These are a couple of steps you can try to improve your condition: 1. Emollients You can consider using a water-based one like Cetaphil as the base moisturiser, and then add on a protective oil-based moisturizer like paraffin. This is particularly important for cold, dry climates. 2. Exfoliation A very gently done exfoliation with a sponge can help remove the keratinised layer of skin, and improve the moisturising effect of the emollients. Don’t overdo it. Once a week is safe. 3.

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Dr Winston Lee


How can I prevent dermatitis on my face?

Thank you for your question. In managing facial dermatitis or eczema, it is important to ensure that you use gentle products like soap free cleansers and moisturisers on the face. Sometimes, less is better, so avoid using too many products on the face if possible as that may sometimes cause more irritation. As for the rashes recurring after discontinuation of the steroids, it could be due to a relapse of the eczema or a condition known as perioral dermatitis, which is steroid induced rash on the face.

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Dr Colin Theng


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