Can Invisalign or braces help to fix a slanted jaw without the need for jaw surgery?

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It is great that you are thinking about correcting your bite. With skeletal issues such as a slanted jaw, surgery is indeed required in order to achieve a good stable bite.

However depending on the degree of skeletal discrepancy (slanted jaw) braces / invisalign are still options for you to consider in order to straighten out your teeth and give you a good smile. Straight and aligned teeth can be achieved but there are limitations so it depends on what your ideal smile is!

My suggestion would be to consider all your options and if needed seek a second opinion. Hope this helps and all the best

Warm regards,

Dr Beth

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Is an Invisalign treatment less complex if I used to wear braces previously?

Hi S Thank you for your question. I am wondering if the Invisalign treatment might not take as long as usual and hence lowering the cost? Yes, in general if the case is less complex, and expected teeth movement is lesser to achieve the desired results, there would be lesser number of sets of aligners needed to complete the case. This would result in cost savings for you. However if you are comparing Invisalign to conventional braces, the treatment time between the 2 treatment modalities generally do not differ that much, but the cost for conventional would be lesser.

Photo of Dr Joanne Lam

Answered By

Dr Joanne Lam


Is Invisalign or braces more effective for cross-bite issues?

Uprighting your upper 2nd premolars can be achieved with Invisalign or fixed (traditional) braces. If your tooth is very short on the palatal (side facing inward), then it may be more efficient to upright the tooth using fixed braces since the Invisalign aligner will have a smaller surface area to grip on to with a short tooth. Anterior crossbites (that occur in the front teeth) can be solved with Invisalign or fixed braces. The bigger question is the reason for the crossbite being present in the first place. I have covered this here.

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Answered By

Dr Jaclyn Toh


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