Can I get Invisalign for crowded teeth?

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At the moment, Invisalign aligners are agreed to be able to treat many conditions.

Again, it depends on what kind of crowding you are talking about. But, if it's minimum to moderate crowding, there should be no problem.

In fact, sometimes it may even be more effective than braces.

For severe crowding, what it can induce is, some teeth can be very far away, sort of half-buried under the gums and all that.

It does not mean that you cannot do Invisalign but you may need some extra work on these teeth, like attaching a wire or rubber band just to pull the tooth out. But yes, not a problem, usually.

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Is an Invisalign treatment less complex if I used to wear braces previously?

Hi S Thank you for your question. I am wondering if the Invisalign treatment might not take as long as usual and hence lowering the cost? Yes, in general if the case is less complex, and expected teeth movement is lesser to achieve the desired results, there would be lesser number of sets of aligners needed to complete the case. This would result in cost savings for you. However if you are comparing Invisalign to conventional braces, the treatment time between the 2 treatment modalities generally do not differ that much, but the cost for conventional would be lesser.

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Dr Joanne Lam


How does wisdom teeth affect treatment planning for Invisalign?

Usually wisdom teeth are not aligned during Invisalign unless the teeth are fully erupted an in function (you are using it to chew). I do not routinely ask my patients to remove their wisdom teeth prior to Invisalign as we do not usually require the space that the wisdom teeth occupy for alignment. In certain specific cases, the upper wisdom teeth may need to be removed to allow distalization (where all the teeth are moved backwards in the arch) as part of a camouflage treatment.

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Dr Jaclyn Toh


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