What can I do about bruising after Rejuran treatment? (photo)

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It is not uncommon to develop bruises post needle injection treatment on the skin. These are suggestions one can do to reduce bruising.

Things to do:

First 24 hours

Immediately post-procedure, put an ice pack and perform cold compression on the area suspected bruising to reduce blood flow around the area. This can prevent the bruise from being as apparent and reduce soft tissue swelling.

Ice the potentially bruise area for 10 minutes at a time.

Avoid activities that could increase blood circulation for example

  1. strenuous exercise
  2. hot sauna
  3. hot yoga
  4. alcohol
  5. etc

36 hours after

36 hours after your soft tissue injury, change out the cold compression to warm compression.

You can apply heat to increase blood circulation and increase blood flow. This help to clear away trapped blood after the bruise has already formed.


A herb that proponents of natural healing believe can reduce inflammation, swelling, and discolouration of bruises quickly. You can do it in the form of topical arnica cream application or take an arnica tablet orally.

Vitamin K cream

Vitamin K is an essential nutrient that helps with blood clotting. Vitamin K cream was shown to reduce the severity of bruising by gently rub the cream onto the bruised area 2x per day.

I would advise arranging a follow-up review session with your skin doctor who performed the treatment.

Bruising after Rejuran treatment is actually relatively uncommon. Usually, you do not get severe bruising most of the time after the treatment. Bruising should recover within a day or two.

In in the event where bruising does happen, there are a couple of things I would suggest. Firstly, I would suggest potentially using topical treatment, including products that contain a topical alpha-hydroxy acid or retinol-based product. It actually helps with thickening skin and stimulating neocollagenesis.

Another option you can consider is using led light therapy. In particular, this light therapy can help to reduce the appearance of bruising and reduce the healing time.

Cold compression is the other way. Last but not least, I often suggest to my patients that they should refrain from having alcohol. Alcohol consumption can prolong the healing time and make bruising worse.

Thank you!

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