What checkups or tests do I need to go through before breast implant surgery?

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Dr Terence Goh

Plastic Surgeon

There are checks that you need to do to make sure that you’re fit enough for the surgery. That depends on your age.

If you’re a young and fit individual, and you don’t smoke, basically we call it ASA1 which means you’re perfectly cleared for anaesthesia. Then you don’t really need to do anything, you don’t even need a blood test.

If you’re above a certain age, then you may need to do some blood tests to make sure that you’re safe for anaesthesia. With regards to the breast, I think it would be good for you to do some basic screening, be it a mammogram or ultrasound before you do the implant. Just to make sure that you don’t have any lumps or any signs of breast cancer.

Even after you have implants in, you need to continue to get regular screenings to make sure that you do not have any breast cancer.

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Advantages A softer and more adaptable gel, which results in a more natural appearance when standing and lying down, with movement and softness more similar to natural breast tissue. The softer gel makes inserting the implants possible through a smaller incision. A nano-textured surface. This has a finer texture compared to conventional breast implants. This reduces the risk of complications such as seroma, capsular contracture, and BIA-ALCL. The formation of a thin, soft capsule will allow the breast to remain soft over time.

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