After a thread lift, what should I do if I’m not satisfied with the treatment outcome?

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Sometimes one side of the face can look higher or lower than the other right after threadlift due to the local anaesthesia and trauma from inserting the threads. It’s best to wait 7-10 days before returning to the treating doctor to assess again.

Usually not so many threads are needed in one session as most doctors use the cog/cone threads nowadays for lifting/suspension effects (which give an obvious facelift effect). Probably 8-12 threads are needed.

If multiple small threads are used, it’s usually for localized area skin tightening and collagen stimulation. For that , I prefer collagen-stimulators like Ellanse or Radiesse instead as they can be injected evenly like a thin carpet under the skin layer.

A throbbing headache at the temples may occur as a side effect of threadlift too, but it shouldn’t last for more than 12 hours after ingestion of painkillers.

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Can I get a nose thread lift after an autologous rhinoplasty?

It depends. You can certainly do a threadlift, but it may or may not be complicated. There are a few questions that needs to be answered: what is it you are trying to correct with the threadlift that your autologous rhinoplasty did not address (bridge? tip?) what has been done during the autologous rhinoplasty? In the best case scenario, no bridge augmentation was done during the autologous rhinoplasty, and you are looking for threadlift to create more bridge augmentation to complement your autologous rhinoplasty.

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When is it safe to get a rhinoplasty after a prior nose thread lift?

The answer to your question depends on the type of material for the threads you are going to insert into your nose. PDO threads can last to about 6-9 months. As such, it is safe to have a rhinoplasty 9 months after a nose thread lift unless threads of other materials are put in. PCL threads, on the other hand, would last about 18-24 months. Alternatively, the surgeon can stack the implant on top of the threads before they are dissolved but that’s not advisable. As always, do consult your doctor before making any decision before going for more than one aesthetic treatments.

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