To address thread protrusion after an overseas thread lift, which doctor should I go to? (photo)

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Please visit a doctor with experience of nose thread lift procedure. Thread protrusion will need to be addressed ASAP to prevent further complication such as infection.

There are a few common causes of thread intrusion which include:

  • Too long thread inserted

  • This may increase the risk of thread protrusion through the nose tip if not pushed all the way in during the thread lift procedure

  • Wrong placement of thread

  • If the thread is not carefully placed on the right plane (supraperiosteal or perichondrial plane) and follows the curve of the nose tip, the thread inserted will push against skin wall, increasing the risk of thread protrusion

  • Infection

  • When infection occurs, wound healing is delayed and your body will try to expel foreign bodies (which is the thread in your case)

Further assessment is required to rule out infection/abscess, followed by subsequent management.

In your photo, the thread is obviously extruding from the entry point and in such cases, any doctor who does thread lifts should be able to remedy the situation.

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