What medications help regulate menstruation for someone with Polycystic ovary syndrome?

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Women diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome commonly experience irregular menstural periods.

It is important to get evaluated early and to consider treatment for period regulation as not having your periods for a prolonged period of time can lead to excessive build up of your womb lining.

One of the most useful medications that is common prescribed for girls with PCOS is the birth control pill. This is an very effective way to regulate your periods.

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I presume that your gynae performed the ultrasound scan to rule out PCOS (given that you also have irregular periods). You have a cyst in your right ovary - cysts are very common in women who are still ovulating, and are almost always benign (none-worrying, and go away by themselves). This can account for the difference in size between your ovaries. Ovaries are usually NOT of exactly the same size, and range from about 2 - 3 cm x 2 - 3 cm in size. If your ovaries are otherwise normal in appearance (as the report suggests), there is no reason for concern.

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What do immature follicles mean, and how does it affect my fertility? (photo)

Hi, In order for an egg to ovulate during a menstrual cycle, it has to first developed within a small cyst within an ovary. As this egg starts to mature, the cyst that surrounds it will also grow bigger; we now call this cyst a follicle. When a follicle reaches a diameter of 18 to 20mm, we assume the egg inside is mature and ready to be released via ovulation. When a follicle fails to grow to at least 18mm, and remains smaller than that during an entire menstrual cycle, the egg inside is deemed immature, and the follicle is called an immature follicle.

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